*UPDATE: My Facebook account is up and active again. Shout out to Ms. Andrea of Facebook Community Operations for handling my case.*

My Facebook account got blocked for the reason of not using my real name. Geez. They are really serious about identification there, huh? The thread between me and Ms. Andrea from Facebook has been long and frustrating that I’m on the brink of just giving up. But five or more years worth of memories will be gone too. All because I failed to take a rule seriously. Pfft.

What to do? Hhmmm…

I think I should get Mr. Phuc Dat Bich’s take on this. He’ll know what to do.

***Credits to the owner of the photo.***




I have finally found the time to start my own blog. I really have nothing to write or say, as of the moment, because setting this up took most of my mind energy! (Haha! Kala ko technician ka?)

Anyways, hopefully i could find the time and will to write posts about anything my mind gives a sh*t about. Coz you know, I’m lazy as f*ck! Haha!

Seriously though, I’d really wanna make time for this blog. This is one of my frustrations, to be a writer. Anyways, I’m always frustrated. Want me to frustratedly homicide you? Haha! Just kidding!

So, the next post will be some time in the near future. I hope.